MALO: LAND with AGRICULTURAL BUILDING immersed in the countryside of 6,700 m2

Rif. DS5120

1.394 m2
225.000 €

MALO: LAND with BUILDING WITH POSSIBILITY OF CHANGE OF USE and construction of multiple independent units. Cl. En. Not subject to EURO 225,000. For info 0445.531222

- Quiet sunny and flat area
- Possibility of developing more housing units
- Position isolated from other homes

Have you always dreamed of being able to build your independent house as you like, in class A or green building? Very often land is sold at exorbitant prices or in remote and inconvenient areas, but today you have the chance to make your dream come true, even for all the members of your family, because you have the great opportunity to take advantage of mc 3045 with maximum height 2.70 for the construction of 4 residential units or two single-storey single-family villas.

The area subject to intervention is located in a lowland area north-east of the historic center of Malo, in a context characterized by widespread settlements. The proposal is to create four residential units by decreasing the covered surface area (the central building, a former poultry farm, and part of the building now built adhering to the northern border are expected to be eliminated), maintaining the remaining volumes on the ground, slightly raising the gutter line, without changing the slope of the pitches, for the sole purpose of obtaining an average useful height of 2.70 m.

Bring your DREAM to life! Today more than ever you have the chance to see it realized!

energy efficiency